Computer aided design of acetaldehydenext term plant with zero avoidable pollution


This is an article on a proposed simulation for a plant designed to produce acetaldehyde by oxidizing ethanol over an iron-molybdenum catalyst.  A general rate equation is given, but no specifics of the process are covered.


2 thoughts on “Computer aided design of acetaldehydenext term plant with zero avoidable pollution”

  1. Here is my brief summary of the article, although the one you have truly is enough:

    Outlines the process of oxidation of ethanol using a Fe-Mo catalyst at a temperature range between 180-240 degrees celsius and atmospheric pressure. The main focus of this article is the use of a unconventional multitubular reactor system. This reactor increases heat management of the system using baffles in the reactor to increase the heat transfer coefficient so the system is at ideal temperature for both conversion (About 248 C) and selectivity (About 242 C).

    And here is the citation:

    R. Maciel Filho, M. R. Wolf Maciel, A. Domingues, A. O. Stinghen, Computer aided design of acetaldehyde plant with zero avoidable pollution, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 20, Supplement 2, European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering-6, 1996, Pages S1389-S1393

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