Reports Schedule

Tentative Schedule of Design Progress Reports

This is the tentative schedule as handed out during class.  It may/will be modified with details and any general changes.  These deliverables are presented in two parts: a written report and a PowerPoint presentation.  The written report is similar in scope to a unit ops report.  The grade for the previous report and the guidelines for the following report will be given at each weekly presentation.  The PowerPoint presentation accompanies the written report each week and a printed copy must be turned in as well.

Week 1:

Create name and logo (Powerpoint in memory stick).

Week 2:

Asses primitive problem and begin literature review. Try to find prices not provided in the problem statement (Start with

Week 3:

Complete initial literature review. Specify possible raw materials and products. Create preliminary database. Have Prices.

Week 4:

Synthesis step 1: Eliminate differences in molecular types. (You must present several alternatives, the more the better). Use selection matrices. Model reactors using UniSim.

Week 5:

Synthesis step 2: Distribute the chemicals by matching sources and sinks. Model flow streams using UniSim.

Week 6:

Synthesis step 3: Design separations strategy. (You must present at least 3 alternatives.) Start modeling separation units using UniSim. Aspen Split may be useful.

Week 7:

Finish separations design. Progress in separations modeling using UniSim.

Week 8:

Finish UniSim separations modeling.

Week 9:

Synthesis step 4: Eliminate differences in temperature, pressure, and phase. Employ heuristics. Model pumps etc using UniSim.

Week 10:

Synthesis step 5: Add energy integration.

Week 11:

Optimize your two most promising designs.

Week 12:

Preliminary economic analysis of the most promising designs.

Week 13:

Select recommended design. Present complete UniSim simulation of your final design.

April 22:

Final Report.

This schedule is tentative and will be updated when new information is found/given.
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