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As Iam working SUSE, Iam unsure if it will function as the same for you personally, but a delivery of’hwinfo’ as origin features an enormous amount of data. Basically go to #45 while in the segment entitled "—– device checklist —–, I get my data: 45: udi =’/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/computer’ storage.policy.default.mount option.exec = true storage.policy.default.mount option.pamconsole = true storage.policy.default.mount option.noauto = true storage.policy.default.managed keyword.secondary =’kudzu’ storage.policy.default.managed keyword.primary =’managed’ storage.policy.default.use managed keyword = accurate storage.policy.default.mount root =’/media’ org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.method execpaths = org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.method signatures = org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement.method names = info.interfaces = info.addons = system.product =’A7N8X2.0 REV 2.xx’ system.vendor =’ASUSTeK Computer INC.’ smbios.chassis.type =’Pc’ smbios.chassis.manufacturer =’Frame Manufactture’ smbios.system.uuid =’Not Present’ smbios.system.serial =’xxxxxxxxxxx’ smbios.system.version =’REV 2.xx’ smbios.system.product =’A7N8X2.0′ smbios.system.manufacturer =’ASUSTeK Computer INC.’ smbios.bios.release date =’10/06/2003′ smbios.bios.version =’ASUS A7N8X2.0 Deluxe ACPI BIOS Rev 1007′ smbios.bios.vendor =’Phoenix Technologies, LTD’ power management.acpi.linux.version =’20050408′ power management.type =’acpi’ power enabled = legitimate system.formfactor =’desktop’ system.kernel.machine =’i686′ system.kernel.version =’2.6.13-15.8-standard’ =’Linux’ info.udi =’/org/freedesktop/Hal/products/computer’ info.product =’Computer’ linux.sysfs path device ='(none)’ info.bus =’unknown’ Is that the kind of control that you will be currently trying to find? Like I stated, I think that is SUSE-just, nevertheless, you may be able compile and to try the foundation to your software that is unique. You can get the origin from somewhere like adobe software linux/ RPM/suse/ 9.3 suse/src/ hwinfo-10.16-3.src.html. I thought since no one else has reacted, that at the very least place outthere. Originally Posted by scottmorris As I’m running SUSE, I’m unsure if it will function as the same for you, but a delivery of’hwinfo’ as root displays an enormous level of info. Easily head to #45 within quot & the part titled;—– hal system listing —– ", I get my motherboard information: Is the fact that the type of order that you will be searching for? Like I mentioned, I think that’s SUSE-just, nevertheless, you may not be unable to try and gather the foundation for your platform that is specific. You may get the foundation from anywhere like linux RPM/suse/ 9.3 suse/src/ hwinfo-10.16-3.src.html.

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Since no one else has answered I thought, I Might atleast chuck out that there. Wonderful utility. Appropriate- get install hwinfo and it’s really now on my system. I can observe how this electricity will come later on in helpful. Cheers for that heads-up. 03-09-2006 35 PM Listed: Feb 2004 Hi, thus there is no approach to view electronics listing thru’ single order. 03-10-2006, 10: 42 AM Novell CoolSolutions Manager Listed: Jan 2006 Distribution – 10.0 Originally Posted by cranium2004 Hi, therefore there is no way to see electronics list thru’ demand that is solitary Well, apparently, it’s a little harder to get the particular motherboard data through a single control.

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If you should be searching for’equipment listing’ as a basic idea, certain, there are numerous instructions (you may have to operate several of those as origin): Lspci proc / cpuinfo proc/devices that are lshw kitten / proc/meminfo dmesg I simply don’t start to see the motherboard in almost any of these cmds’ result. Hwinfo could be the only one that does it. Should you actually look for a normal control (in place of hwinfo, which obviously is local to SUSE), please let’s understand what it’s. That may be a valuable little bit of information to understand.